Monday, October 17, 2011

Allen Says Obama Needs to Listen

The following is from Republican Senate candidate George Allen:

"The President's first stop on his bus tour through Virginia is Emporia.

It suffers from nearly 12% unemployment.  I hope President Obama takes the time to listen to the good people of Emporia like I've been able to do many times myself over the years.

On my most recent stop, I met with the local Chamber ofCommerce, and those business leaders shared with me some of their frustrations and concerns about the future.

I asked how many people were leading a better life than did their parents.  Nearly everyone raised their hands.

But when I asked whether they thought their children would lead a better life than themselves, only a few hands remained in the air. 

For the people in Emporia, and the men and women all across Virginia and the United States, the promise of the American Dream feels like it's slipping away.

While there are some encouraging signs - like Café Soul just south of Emporia in Skippers - unfortunately there are too few of those stories these days.

It's the same almost everywhere.  Families are cutting back.

Some are still struggling to find work or fighting to keep their homes, others are worried about the high fuel prices or the increasing costs of groceries, and even more remain anxious and uncertain about the future in this increasingly troubled economy.

The President needs to hear from Virginians, because what we're getting from him and others in Washington shows they just aren't getting the message.

Since his first failed stimulus - which my opponent Tim Kaine praised saying, "it would jump start the economy," - we've had 32 consecutive months of unemployment above 8%.

And 1.5 million people have lost their jobs.
President Obama and Tim Kaine are pushing yet another stimulus with higher taxes to pay for it.  We know that won't create jobs or get America back to work.  Washington's ways aren't working.

That's what I heard from the people of Emporia.  President Obama will hear the same thing too, if he only listens."

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