Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wiretaps, Virginia, and the Left Wing’s Embrace of…. Ken Cuccinelli!?

The following post is from my friend Tyler Bamberg:

"On an issue related to security, Wire taps, I find a quite humorous situation happening in my beloved commonwealth as we speak. What if I told you, as an informed conservative Republican, that not one, but MULTIPLE left-wing organizations have something in common with our “Conservative Rhinoceros” of an Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli? You would probably laugh at me in my face and say I was crazy but surprisingly they do. Scariest of all, they are *Gasp* actually agreeing on something. A number of known left wing groups like the Human Rights Watch, Global Fund for Women, and the Service Employees International Union have filed a joint suit seeking to have a federal wiretapping law ruled unconstitutional.
Recently, a divided appellate court said a lower court could hear their case.   The Obama Administration said their case should be thrown out, since “the plaintiffs lack the legal standing to bring a challenge.”
Wait… I’ve heard that somewhere before, but where….???
Oh that’s right; that is the exact same argument used by the administration against Virginia's challenge to the individual mandate in Obamacare. I was at the Roanoke Republican Luncheon where Ken was a guest speaker on the day the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Virginia lacked the standing to challenge the law and watched him as he was informed of this news.
The thing I cannot wrap my head around is, left-wingers ridiculed Cuccinelli for what seemed like an eternity for even suggesting that the Constitution imposed power restrictions on the federal government. Now however, it’s ok for them to fight for that same principle, that wiretaps exceed the boundaries drawn by the Constitution. I guess it really doesn’t sink in until it hits you where it hurts right…. Let’s just hope in both cases, where each party is correct in their legal merits, that justice can prevail."

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