Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Big Spender Moran Votes Against Balanced Budget Amendment

 Retired U.S. Army Colonel Patrick Murray yesterday commented on Rep. Jim Moran's vote to deny Northern Virginians a Constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment on the Federal level.

"Continuing his dangerous track record of deficit spending and passing the buck, Jim Moran's vote to reject a Balanced Budget Amendment highlights just how fast and loose he is with America's future - once again reverting to partisan politics over fiscal discipline," Murray said. "Balanced budget requirements are a fact of life in (49) states." 

Why did Moran vote for a Balanced Budget Amendment in 1995 when Bill Clinton was president but not today? Count one more vote for Moran's angry, hyper-partisan style of representation.

"As Northern Virginia's Congressman, I will work with both sides to fix our problems and restore faith in America's economy and credit. Taxpayers can rest assured that I will support sound governing policies, regardless of their origin."

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