Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Allen Kaine Square off For Their First Debate

This afternoon at the State Capitol George Allen and Tim Kaine squared off in their first debate.  The debate was sponsored by the Virginia Capitol Correspondents Association. 

I must confess I do think the haggard looking Kaine did well, in fact the only time he seemed flustered and unsure was when he tried to defend his attempt to pardon convicted killer Jens Soering.    For 90 minutes he unstintingly defended the unpopular Obama, and he seemed to relish it.  For example he gleefully reiterated his support for President Obama's job killing health care bill, which will cost Virginia $2.2 billion over the next decade, and he continued to defend the stimulus bill.

I thought Allen effectively attacked Kaine's record as Governor.  Allen pointed to Kaine's effort to implement a $2 billion income tax hike, and his efforts to end car tax relief.  Allen also mentioned the VDOT audit which showed that the Kaine administration forgot about nearly 1 billion dollars, which was sitting in an account and earmarked for roads, while at the same time closing down Virginia's rest stops.

Allen also attacked Kaine for leaving the Governor's office a year before his term was up to run the Democrat National Committee.

This debate showed that Virginians will have a clear choice.  More taxes, regulations and federal power, or a more limited federal Government, lower taxes and less regulation.

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