Sunday, January 29, 2012

Allen Needs Romney at the Top of the Ticket

Last week Mason Dixon released a poll on the Presidential race here in Virginia.  While Romney and Obama are neck and neck, Newt trails Obama in a hypothetical match up by 11 points.  Retaking the White House is vital if we have any hope of steering America from the socialist course that Obama has set .  I believe we have a great opportunity to make Obama a one termer, but a bad (weak is different then bad) candidate will not only help re elect him it may also hurt our Senate and House candidates.
George Allen has a great chance here in Virginia, but if our Presidential nominee losses by 11 points forget it. There will not be enough ticket splitters.  Kaine will win.

Romney has a realistic chance of carrying the Old Dominion, as the poll indicates.  I think Romney will also make it competitive in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads boosting Allen's chances.  I like Newt, but he would probably lose Fairfax County by 15 points, and that would hurt Allen greatly.

Allen needs Romney at the top of the ticket.

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