Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mullins Comments on Obama's State of the Union

RPV Chairman Pat Mullins gave the following statement:
"It is abundantly clear that the current occupant of the White House has given up on governing and is doing nothing but campaigning from this point forward," Mullins said. "This was two hours of re-election rhetoric, with no substance to speak of."

"We've heard this all before. Unfulfilled promises that come with expiration dates, pie-in-the-sky policy proposals, designed for nothing more than political expedience," Mullins said. "President Obama has no record to run on, except one of failure. Unemployment is over 8 percent, our economy remains extremely weak, and under his radical policies, our national debt that has spiraled out of control.

"All the flowery rhetoric in the world can't hide President Obama's massive record of job-killing, anti-economic growth policies," Mullins said. "I have no doubt that Virginia voters will make sure in November that this was Obama's last State of the Union speech."

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