Friday, February 17, 2012

Bolling Casts Tie-Breaking Vote in Favor of a School Choice Bill.

The following is a release from the Lt. Governors office:

“Today, I was delighted to cast the tie-breaking vote in support of SB131, which will expand access to quality educational opportunities for thousands of Virginia students.  This legislation will be very helpful in providing meaningful educational choice for students in low and middle income families, who may not otherwise have the means to attend private or parochial schools. 
“While I continue to be a strong supporter of public education in Virginia, no child should feel trapped in a public school system that is not meeting their educational needs simply because their family does not have the money to send them a private or parochial school.  By making these educational opportunities more available to students in low and middle income families, we will make certain that these children can get the education they need to succeed in life.”
NOTE: SB131 will provide a state tax credit to encourage individuals and corporations to contribute to non-profit organizations who provide education improvement scholarships to students in low and middle income families, and to students with a qualifying disability in order for them to attend non-public elementary or secondary schools.  The tax credit is equal to 65% of the money donated to a qualifying scholarship foundation.  The program is capped at a total cost of $25M per year.

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