Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Governor McDonnell Reiterates His Support for Off Shore Drilling

A release from the Governor's office:

"Virginia is well- positioned to be a leader in the development of our domestic offshore oil and gas resources, but we have been repeatedly hindered by the Obama administration's failure to develop a coherent energy strategy, and its reversal of prior approval of the sale of energy leases off the Virginia coast. It is encouraging that Secretary Salazar visited Virginia today to seemingly advance the development of our offshore energy resources, but with $4 per gallon gas threatening our nation's economic recovery it is high time that the federal government allows Virginia to aggressively, and fully, pursue our energy development programs to promote energy security, business expansion and job creation.  

We cannot move forward with one hand tied behind our back. Virginia's legislature, Democratic Senators, state leaders and citizens support responsible offshore energy exploration and production. More energy equals more jobs and it is time to move forward without any further delay or obstruction."

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