Monday, March 12, 2012

Some Bolling Supporters Take Umbrage with Mrs. Cuccinelli's Comments

Last week, in a letter to supporters, Teiro Cuccinelli, writing on behalf of her husband (Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli) said the state suffers from "a lack of firm, conservative, principled leaders."

Well, as you can imagine many Bolling supporters took offense at the comment.  Afterall, Bill Bolling served in the state senate and for the last 7 years as been the Lt Governor.  Hasn't he been a firm, conservative leader?

A friend of mine, yes I have sources within the Bolling machine, responded by saying:
"Any suggestion that Virginia has lacked conservative leadership over the past two years is ridiculous. The Lieutenant Governor has a strong record of results oriented conservative leadership and standing strong for conservative values. He has been consistently focused on fiscal responsibility, budget restraint, reforming government and providing economic opportunity for all Virginians. To suggest otherwise is a distortion of his record. We are proud of his record of accomplishment."

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