Sunday, April 15, 2012

Maryland is for Gamblers?

I know I am supposed to focus on Virginia politics, but occasionally I feel it is my duty to point out the insanity going on in the state of Maryland.  Maryland is perhaps the most liberal state in the union, so it is an easy target.  Well, the Maryland General Assembly just ended a legislative session which is being called a 'Debacle', and one of the worst sessions ever. Why? Because they failed to agree on a tax hike, and it seems whenever they fail to raise taxes tears begin to flow in newsrooms and faculty lounges throughout the state.

 In effect the state is run by three stooges, Governor Martin O'Malley, House speaker Michael Busch, and Senate President Thomas V. "Mike" Miller.  These three individuals are extremely liberal, but they are also egomaniacs.  And while all three want to raise taxes on the people of Maryland, each wants to make sure they get the credit.  In their desire to enacted their own version of a tax increase, they failed to pass any plan.

No worries, they are meeting in special session in a few weeks to find a way to raise taxes, and no doubt for the good of the state, and the party of course, the three stooges will find a way to check their enormous egos at the door and agree to some tax increase.  They may also agree on a plan to introduce casino gambling.

The big spending liberals have run out of money. That should be cause for celebration, but in Maryland that is a bad thing. Perhaps casino gambling can save the state.  Gamblers to the rescue!

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