Sunday, July 29, 2012

Is Mark Obenshain the Heir Apparent?

I know it is still early, heck the election is still a year away, but even at this stage I am confident in saying that state senator Mark Obenshain is the favorite for the 2013 GOP Attorney General nomination. So far his opponents are Fairfax County Clerk of the court John Frey, and Delegate Rob Bell. Both are good men, but I am not sure they can overcome Obenshain's strengths. His strength as a candidate, both in terms of his ability to raise money, name ID, and, his ability to appeal to Republicans of every stripe. In addition, he has a solid voting record and a record of accomplishment which is hard to beat. For example his success in getting a property rights amendment to the Governors desk is certainly a feather in his cap. I think in many ways Obenshain is the logical heir to Ken Cuccinelli. Like Cuccinelli, Obenshain comes from the state senate where he has built up a solid record of fighting for limited government and personal freedom, but it is more than just voting conservative, both men understand the Constitution, and its meaning. Both men know what is at stake if government power is allowed to expand unchecked. Like Cuccinelli, Obenshain is intelligent, and has a strong grasp of the issues. Like Cuccinelli, he has the ability to energize tea party conservatives while at the same time he appeals to more establishment Republicans. Part of this appeal may be the view that Obenshain would be more likely to win the General election, a view I share by the way. Republicans may figure that they want another Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General so why not pick Mark Obenshain. I am not a betting man, but I'd say Obenshain is the man to beat.

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