Sunday, July 8, 2012

Marty O'Malley's Latest Deception

I know politicians can be slick, but Democrat Governor Marty O'Malley could make a used car salesman blush.  His latest line, which he used today on the Sunday chat shows, is typical O'Malley, sounds good, but when you think about it is deceptive.

In defending Obama's record on jobs O'Malley said "unemployment is at a three year low."  Sounds good right, but wait a minute three years ago Obama was President.  So Obama should get credit for reducing unemployment from his depression level highs? He should be judged against his own dismal record?

The questioner should have followed up by asking is unemployment lower than it was four years ago, when George Bush was President. The answer Marty?  The fact is unemployment was lower when George Bush was in office, in fact we have yet to get back to Bush level unemployment.

Nice try Marty!

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