Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lt. Governor Candidate Marks 911 Anniversary with Campaign Pitch

Jeannemarie Davis, who is running for Lt. Governor, sent out a mass email today asking you to honor the Americans who lost their lives on 911, and to take her campaign survey. Now to be fair, some other candidates may have sent out similar 911 emails. But I saw this one and it struck me.
"As we remember those fallen Americans from 11 years ago, please encourage everyone to participate in our great Democracy.

I would appreciate it if you would take a minute to go to www.jeannemarie4LG.com and give me your feedback on a survey as I begin my tour of the Commonwealth. Please provide information on any ways that the Obama Administration has hurt you or your community, so that I can better tell the story of why it is so important that Virginians replace President Obama and his Democratic Senate. Also, please email back to let me know if you would like to be invited to events in your area, or if you would like me to attend any events.

Jeannemarie Davis"

I don't think using 911 as an excuse to send out a mass email to appeal to voters is in good taste.

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