Friday, November 9, 2012

Mark Obenshain Comments on Tuesday's Victory of the Property Rights Amendment

Some good news on Tuesday. Virginians approved the property rights/eminent domain amendment to the state constitution. State Senator and force behind the Amendment Mark Obenshain commented on the passage:

"Tuesday yielded a victory for property rights – a big win. In fact, the Amendment won sizable majorities in every city and county, and topped 70% in all but eleven (out of 134, though six localities have not yet reported complete election results). Statewide, 74.6% of voters voted to ratify the Amendment, and that number may yet inch higher as a few final tallies are resolved in the coming days.

Those are impressive numbers, and strong evidence of the bipartisan fashion in which voters supported the Amendment. In fact, there’s reason to believe that the Amendment received majorities from voters aligned with both major parties, along with independents.

I traveled across the Commonwealth speaking to groups about the importance of this Amendment, and I’m grateful to everyone I met who told me what they were doing to support the Amendment – talking to friends and neighbors, putting up signs, writing letters to the editor. You made a huge difference!"

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