Thursday, November 1, 2012

Romney for President!

Four years ago in Denver, then one term Senator Barack Obama announced that his Presidency would mark the point when the oceans would start to recede and the planet would heal. In that speech he also said some wonderfully sounding things, sadly substance is above his pay grade. And four years later; unemployment around the country has gone up, the number of jobs has gone down, personal income has gone down, household income down by nearly $4,000, the budget deficit has gone up, our embassies have been under attack in the middle east, (don’t worry about it he is investigating it), and business confidence is down. The number of Americans on food stamps has skyrocketed, and the welfare rolls have swollen by 32 percent. Let me emphasize all of this since George W. Bush left office.

Now every President inherits challenges, but Obama took a bad situation and made it worse. And come to think of it I don’t recall Ronald Reagan complaining about the mess he inherited from Jimmy Carter, which was far worse. Sadly Obama did the opposite of what Reagan did in 1981. Obama engaged in keynsian economics, (a failed economic philosophy from the 1930’s), and spent $830 billion dollars on pork programs to stimulate the economy. Included in the stimulus package was money for 36 “green energy” companies, many with political ties to Obama, well, the money was lost because the companies went out of business, and adding insult to injury failed to produce any energy! Also included was 30 billion dollars for two private automakers, GM and Chrysler. Contrary to what the media says we didn’t save the auto industry, just two politically well connected companies. Why are we subsidizing private companies? Well, that is a discussion for another day.

Now despite all the federal funny money injected into the economy our economic recovery is the weakest in post-World War II history, and investors remain on the sidelines, afraid to invest because of the uncertainty about future tax and regulatory policy. They know Obama is out of new ideas on how to stimulate the economy, and the ideas he still clings to would be a disaster. For example, high speed rail.

In addition he has governed in the most partisan manner, telling Republicans on the Hill, “you can sit in the back of the bus,” and telling supporters, “you have got to punish your enemies.” yes, to Obama if you oppose him you are an enemy. Perhaps this partisanship explains the failure in Washington to get things done in a positive way. On health care; Obama refused to work with Republicans for a truly bi partisan Bill. Such a bi partisan Bill could have included market incentives, and tort reform, rather he chose a radical federal take over of health care, constructed by backroom deals, (see cornhusker kickback), and all of it was negotiated out of the view of the public. His campaign promised to have debates and hearings on CSPAN, and to put the Bill on line prior to any vote. Did that happen? No just more empty promises. Along the lines of the President’s partisanship there is also his failed leadership on crucial issues, perhaps it is two sides of the same coin. While our vital social programs our in trouble, our President has no ideas, or at least no ideas he wishes to share with the public before an election. He has no announced plans to save medicare, social security, or balance the budget, it seems he’d rather wait for Republicans to propose a plan and then attack. That is not leadership!

And because of his inability to lead our county Obama has added more debt than every President from George Washington to George W, in fact the yearly budget deficit is now over 1 trillion dollars.

We can do better. Mitt Romney has a record of accomplishment. He didn’t spend his life in Washington. He built a business, he raised a family, and he successfully governed a state. He turned around the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games, which were a mess before he took over, and balanced 4 Massachusetts state budgets. As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney worked with Republicans and Democrats to craft a bi partisan healthcare Bill, strengthened schools and promoted economic growth. While Governor Massachusetts's unemployment rate never exceeded 5 percent.

As President, Romney will approve the Keystone pipeline, boost domestic energy production, fight to hold the line on federal spending, and repeal unneeded regulations, that are strangling economic growth.

On Tuesday vote for a better America - Vote for Mitt Romney.

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