Thursday, February 21, 2013

Washington Post Reporter Butters Up Bolling

For laughs, and to know what Virginia liberals are thinking, I will sometimes read Robert McCartney’s column in the Washington Post. Today, McCartney buttered up Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, no doubt in the hope that Bolling will make an independent run for Governor, which would help the Democrat nominee Terry McAulliffe. In addition McCartney also seeks to use Bolling’s defection as an example of how extreme the GOP has become. Even a casual observer of Virginia politics knows that Bolling's apparent defection was caused by the fact that he couldn't get the GOP nomination, and not caused by any philosophical differences. Of course McCartney is not a casual observer of Virginia politics, rather he is a partisan Democrat.

McCartney claims that Bolling’s recent move to the left was not a change of heart, but rather what Bolling has always believed, but could never admit. That is that the GOP has become too extreme. McCartney claims Bolling had to “bite his tongue to get the GOP nomination”. And now that he can’t get the GOP nomination, because Cuccinelli and the gang rigged the process, he is now, according to McCartney, ‘liberated’ to speak the truth.

Robert, what fiction!!

Bolling couldn’t get the GOP nomination so he is now positioning himself to be the ‘moderate candidate’. If Cuccinelli had decided not to run for Governor, today Bolling would be praising the Tea Party, and McCartney would be writing about how extreme Bolling has become.

Now, I supported Bill, and I know he is a solid conservative and would make an excellent Governor. The reason Bolling couldn't get the nomination, or at least believed he couldn't, is not because he is too moderate. The reality is Bolling has a strong conservative record. In fact, I think Bolling is every bit as conservative as Cuccinelli, and up until 3 months ago I can't think of a single time Bolling and Cuccinelli disagreed publicly on any issue.

Rather Bolling couldn't get the nomination because he does not excite the base like Cuccinelli can. Ken has hundreds of supporters, perhaps thousands, who would walk over hot coals and broken glass to go vote for him. Other than me, and maybe Mrs. Bolling, can anyone say they were excited about the possibility of voting for Bill Bolling?

My point is that Bolling is not disliked by the Tea Party or thought of as too moderate, rather Cuccinelli is loved, and in politics you have to have a base of support. No matter what Bolling did he couldn’t beat Cuccinelli even if the GOP went with a primary, instead of a convention.

McCartney's concludes his nonsense on a hopeful note, “I hope Bolling keeps speaking out. His candor, while liberating for him, is refreshing for the rest of us.” I bet you do hope he keeps speaking out, and what better platform to have then an Independent candidacy.

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