Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gun Owners Denounce Jeannemarie Davis

The following is a release from the Virginia Citizens Defense League PAC:

"More disinformation from the Jeannemarie Davis campaign today about her resounding VCDL-PAC ANTI-endorsement.

The Bloomberg endorsed Anti-Gun leader sent an email to her list attempting to explain the VCDL-PAC warning to gun owners about her ACTUAL RECORD.

She states:
“As the convention approaches, I anticipate continued attacks from a group that has also attacked the NRA in the past. They have questioned my support for the 2nd Amendment...I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight!…"

The VCDL-PAC would like to take this as an opportunity to clarify why we warned gun owners about her and double-down on our "ANYBODY but Jeannemarie" email earlier this week.
Note that in the above statement Jeannemarie says that VCDL had “attacked the NRA in the past.” It's been quite a while, but, yes, when VCDL felt that the NRA was wrong about a position important to Virginia's gun owners, we asked our members to contact them. If that were to ever happen again, we would do the same. But what does that have to do with Jeannemaries's candidacy? Nothing. She simply wants to divert everyone's attention from the fact that her current NRA rating is “D”, the lowest of all of the Statewide Republican candidates!
Jeannemarie's email only talks about her old voting record as a Delegate (which wasn't bad), but stays clear of her newer voting record as a Senator (which was dismal). In fact, she was trending more anti-gun every year as a Senator.

We restate the facts, below, from our VA-ALERT earlier this week.

Jeannemarie Davis did not just vote badly on guns, she was a gun-control leader. In 2007 she carried and proudly promoted SB 827, a “gun-show loophole” bill that would have hurt gun shows across Virginia and made selling, renting, trading, or transferring a privately-owned gun without going through a dealer a FELONY.

To add insult to injury, Jeannemarie Davis invited gun-hating New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to Virginia in 2007 to stand side-by-side with her as she pushed her anti-gun agenda! Bloomberg also liked Jeanniemarie so much, he endorsed her last run for Senate.

A sampling of some more of Jeannemarie’s other bad votes:

• In 2006 she voted against HB 1106, which would have allowed a person to carry concealed anywhere on their private property or in their private vehicle without a CHP
• In 2006 she voted against SB 58, which would have removed the option for localities to fingerprint CHP applicants
• In 2005 she voted against HB 2535, which allows CHP holders to have a loaded handgun concealed in their vehicle on school property if they stay in the vehicle
• In 2005 she voted for SB 807, another “gun show loophole” bill
• In 2001 she voted for Delegate McEachin’s Amendment to HB 1969 that would have gutted preemption by allowing localities to enact gun control restrictions

This is the record she is trying to set straight with you? Good luck explaining all those bad votes, Jeannemarie.
The reason Jeannemarie won’t return the VCDL survey is because she doesn’t want to advertise her Senate voting record.
Whether or not the VCDL-PAC supports a candidate is based on both the candidate's actual Second Amendment voting record and the results of their VCDL survey. Jeannemarie has a bad voting record and NO survey. What does she expect us to do?


Jeannemarie Davis has a bad voting record on guns and has failed to answer the VCDL survey.

Yes, we do differ with the NRA. They gave Jeannemarie a “D”. We think that's overly generous."

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