Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bolling Comments on Tuesday's Primaries

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling released the following statement on Virginia Mainstream Project endorsed Republican Primary candidates:

“I want to congratulate the candidates endorsed by the Virginia Mainstream Project who won tonight's Republican primaries. The Virginia Mainstream Project was proud to have endorsed and provided financial support to these candidates:

House District 15 – Delegate Todd Gilbert
House District 28 – Speaker Bill Howell
House District 54 – Delegate Bobby Orrock
House District 85 – Scott Taylor

“The Virginia Mainstream Project chose to endorse these candidates because we know they will stand strong for the conservative values we believe in, while at the same time working with Republicans and Democrats to get things done in Richmond. They represent the type of mainstream conservative candidates we need to win elections and govern Virginia effectively.

“While I am pleased that these candidates won their primary campaigns, I was extremely disappointed that two very dedicated and effective public servants were defeated in tonight’s primaries. Delegate Beverly Sherwood and Delegate Joe May have served the Commonwealth in an exemplary manner. They have always put Virginia first, and I was proud to stand with them in their campaigns. I wish them both all the best in their future endeavors, and I hope they will continue looking for ways to serve Virginia.”

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Anonymous said...

...and Todd Gilbert gets the distinct taste of vomit in his mouth after seeing Bolling try to take partial credit for Gilbert trouncing his opponent with 92% of the vote.

Bolling, just shut up and go away. You don't matter anymore and nobody respects you.