Monday, July 22, 2013

McAulliffe Has Trouble with the Truth, So Says the RPV

The following is a release from the Republican Party of Virginia:

Terry McAuliffe's misstatements during Saturday's Virginia Bar Association debate were so egregious, PolitiFact Virginia issued a stunning "pants on fire" in a matter of hours.

Of course, McAuliffe has never been shy about throwing out a good falsehood. After all, he wrote in his own autobiography, "if you lie about the little things, it makes it easier to lie about the big things."

As The Richmond Times-Dispatch's PolitiFact reports:

"A special prosecutor's report concluding that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli did not violate state disclosure laws by neglecting to report political gifts was hotly contested on July 20 during the first debate between Virginia's gubernatorial candidates. Democrat nominee Terry McAuliffe said that Cuccinelli, the GOP nominee, was not vindicated by the findings. 'If you read the report, which I have done, it says the attorney general should have been prosecuted, but Virginia laws are insufficient,' McAuliffe said. 'That's absolutely wrong,' Cuccinelli injected. ...

McAuliffe said the ethics report said Cuccinelli 'should have been prosecuted, but Virginia laws are insufficient.' There is nothing in the report that remotely supports McAuliffe's claim. To the contrary, the report concludes Cuccinelli did not violate any laws. McAuliffe's hyperbolic statement is not only wrong, it defies any reasonable reading of the report. We rate his comment Pants on Fire." (McAuliffe Says Ethics Investigation Concluded Cuccinelli "Should Have Been Prosecuted," PolitiFact Virginia, 07/20/13)

"No one should be surprised by the fact that Terry McAuliffe is once again struggling with the truth," Republican Party of Virginia spokesman Jahan Wilcox said. "We all know that the former DNC Chairman has had a life-long struggle with those stubborn little things called facts. But I think Saturday's performance may have taken the cake. That's saying something for a lifelong political dealmaker and influence peddler."

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