Monday, August 26, 2013

Longest Serving Member of the House Praises McDonnell

Delegate Lacey E. Putney, an Independent from Bedford County, is the longest serving Member of the Virginia General Assembly. Today he released this statement in support of Governor Bob McDonnell.

“Since 1962, I have had the honor of representing my community as a Member of the Virginia General Assembly and have served alongside twelve different Virginia Governors. My prolonged insight gives me a unique viewpoint on our current Governor and his time in office. In my experience, Governor McDonnell has been, and continues to be, one of the finest and most effective men to serve as Virginia's chief executive.

Public service has been what defines Bob McDonnell all of his adult life -- first in the U.S. Army, then as a prosecutor, Delegate, Attorney General and now as Virginia's 71st Governor.

Under his leadership as Governor, Virginia has had four consecutive budget surpluses at a time when most states are struggling to get their budgets just close to being in balance.

Under Governor McDonnell's leadership, our hard-working state employees were given a pay raise for the first time in six years. This, at a time when other states - and their cities - are engaged in open economic warfare with their employees.

Governor McDonnell has spoken often of being able to do big things - like the transportation and education packages - because of Republicans and Democrats working together. This comes at a time when every newspaper, Sunday show, and cable news program is filled with stories of the two political parties unable to even talk to one another, much less work together.

This has been a difficult time for Governor McDonnell and his family. Too many outside pundits don't understand - and haven't bothered to ask about - Virginia's laws. I believe the Governor accurately and lawfully filed his Statements of Economic Interest.

Meanwhile, Governor McDonnell - as evidenced by his statewide tour - continues to perform his duties as the Commonwealth's chief executive to the benefit of all Virginians. Just this week, McDonnell made history by announcing four consecutive years with the largest cumulative surpluses in Virginia history of $2 Billion.

The McDonnell Administration will be remembered as one of the most productive and successful in modern Virginia history. The people of Virginia have been blessed by Bob McDonnell's leadership and he will leave the Commonwealth an infinitely stronger and better place when his term concludes in January.”

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