Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Senator Martin Calls for All to Rally Behind Ken Cuccinelli

August 21, 2013 - Senator Steve Martin (VA-11) has issued the following statement, calling for all to rally behind Ken Cuccinelli for Governor.

"It is disappointing to hear of any Republican announcing a decision to support a liberal Democrat for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

"Virginians want a strong, principled leader as their Governor. In this election, that leader is clearly Ken Cuccinelli. Ken has a record of effectively serving out of a heart of compassion for the people of Virginia and a desire to protect liberty and opportunity for prosperity, for everyone.

"Towards that end, Ken has put forward a positive vision for creating tens of thousands of new jobs for our friends and neighbors still hurting. He is the only candidate for Governor to support true "all of the above" policies to make energy affordable and plentiful. Ken will take our public schools to the next level of excellence with high standards, accountability, and by fighting to make sure that education decisions are made by parents and local school boards, not in Washington, D.C.

"In contrast, Ken's opponent, in his various iterations of himself, has fought against our coal industry and accessing our domestic energy resources, and deceived Virginians about his company's activities in Virginia. The Democrat candidate has never served Virginians in any way, and has had no interest in the Commonwealth except to attain high office for himself. Terry McAuliffe knows so little about Virginia, that he proposed -- as a centerpiece for economic development -- the widening of over 225 miles of Route 58 to four lanes. As Virginians know, that road has been four lanes for two decades.

"I proudly support Ken Cuccinelli for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and urge everyone who cares about the Commonwealth and its people to do the same. Join me in making sure our next Governor is a prepared, principled leader."

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