Monday, September 2, 2013

E.W. Jackson's Labor Day Message

E.W. Jackson, Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia commented today on Labor Day:

“As summer ends and families across the Commonwealth celebrate a holiday weekend with family and friends, I want to wish the people of Virginia a safe and happy time. I also want to recognize the meaning of Labor Day as a celebration of Americans and the dignity of work. There was a time in our country when working hard was a virtue, and government dependence for any able bodied person was a thing of shame. We need to return to that ethic.

"As I travel the Commonwealth of Virginia, it is heartbreaking to see former full time workers cut back to 29 hours and former coal miners who have lost their livelihood and their homes. We urgently need policies that will help stimulate rather than stifle economic growth in Virginia. Many of us may have forgotten that it is business owners and their workers who create wealth and drive the economy. It is the hard working people of Virginia that make our Commonwealth great; not the government. It is hard working Americans who built the greatest nation in history. As the next Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, I will always remember that you - the people - did build that! When we again get government out of the way, we will unleash the productive and creative, the innovative and entrepreneurial energies of our people to make the 21st century our greatest yet.

"My prayer is that in the very near future, we will rid ourselves of the job killing policies that the federal government is perpetrating against our Commonwealth and our country. Then we can experience an energy and economic boom that will put our coal miners back to work, restore part time workers to full time status and allow Virginians to enjoy the fruits of their labor."

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