Friday, October 11, 2013

Senator Black Questions McAuliffe's Character

State Senator Richard Black represents Loudoun and Prince William County in the State Senate:

"Questionable character and no qualifications are the least of Terry McAuliffe's worries. If McAuliffe is elected governor, he will bring corruption, the likes of which Virginians have never seen. In 1999, McAuliffe made a deal with Jack Moore--who controlled the $6 billion IBEW pension fund. It was a lopsided partnership that bought commercial real estate with pension funds. For his 50% share, McAuliffe paid just $100. The union pension fund paid $39 million. McAuliffe parlayed his paltry $100 investment into a mammoth $2.45 million profit. You know what they say about something that sounds too good to be true.

Few things are as corrupt as stealing the identities of terminally ill people. It seems that Mr. McAuliffe profited from an insurance scam alleged to have, "defraud[ed] insurers...using the stolen identities of terminally ill people, according to court documents filed Wednesday by federal prosecutors in Providence," The Washington Post reported, "McAuliffe's name appeared on a lengthy list of investors with Joseph A. Caramadre, an attorney and accountant who obtained the identities of dying people to set up annuities that ultimately cost insurance companies millions of dollars, the documents say."

According to the Washington Post:
In the 1990s, McAuliffe launched[...] American Heritage Homes which he used to help raise funds for Democrats by, what some say, amounted to “selling the Lincoln bedroom.”

Need more scandals? McAuliffe’s company, Greentech, is under investigation by the SEC for selling American citizenship via the EB-5 program. The $500,000 per-investor was supposed to create jobs, but never did. Greentech raised $37.5 million, $25 million from federal programs. In fact, according to emails from McAuliffe, he pressured officials in order to get foreign money using this federal program. If you probe deeper into the source of these investments you find that fifty Chinese nationals tried to use the EB-5 program and were stopped by Department of Homeland Security. Obama officials overruled DHS and cleared the way for McAuliffe to “sell American citizenship” to these wealthy foreign investors. The New York Times reported that "in 2011, Mr. Mayorkas overruled two lower officers in his department, Citizenship and Immigration Services, which allowed GreenTech to recruit more Chinese investors." It cleared the way for more than 50 green cards worth $25 million in Chinese investments."

With millions in foreign money, you'd think many jobs would be created, wouldn't you? Greentech agreed. The New York Times reported: “Mr. McAuliffe said the venture would employ 900 workers in Mississippi by the end of the year, as well as create many jobs indirectly.” In 2009, McAullife told the Memphis Business Journal, Greentech would create 1500 jobs by 2011. Less than a year later, he announced his intent to eventually create 4,500 new jobs for the electric auto-manufacturing firm. However, Action News 5 determined that cars were being built and “then deconstructed and rebuilt over and over again to appear as though they were working” and HR Professionals Magazine shows that only 67 GreenTech jobs were actually created

In spite of these massive investments, as of August 2013, McAuliffe's company only has some manufacturing equipment in its Mississippi facility and a 100 acre field in Tunica County, Mississippi. So where did all of the money raised go? Not into job creation, that seems evident.

Terry McAuliffe has shown poor character, lack of qualifications, and a pattern of corruption. Terry McAuliffe doesn't sell green cars, but rather green cards. Can Virginia foot the bill for his investments? The answer is no.

With so many major scandals surrounding one guy, there is little doubt that a McAuliffe Administration will be plagued with corruption. Keep Richmond above-board and vote Ken Cuccinelli for Governor. Get involved by contacting Kate Karnes at or via phone at 571-205-8011."

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