Friday, December 27, 2013

Let's Start Off 2014 Strong!

The following message is from former Virginia Governor, and President of the Free Congress Foundation Jim Gilmore:

“Time is short. Free Congress needs your continued support to make a big impact early in 2014.

I’ve already shared with you that Free Congress Foundation’s new initiative, American Opportunity is causing quite a stir.

We are renewing the fight to end wasteful government spending and promote economic growth. It is critical that you stand with us, right now, so we can make a big impact early in 2014.

President Obama and his ruinous government takeover policies are saddling our children and grandchildren with a crippled economy and a massive federal debt.

Together, we are the voice of ardent opposition to the socialist policies that are currently destroying the economic foundation of our great nation.

Like you, I am committed to restoring America to her rich and prosperous heritage. Like you, I understand that we must act now.

We need an immediate infusion of funds to make a big impact early in 2014. Let me be clear - less government means more freedom for all Americans. Free Congress is dedicated to helping end the socialist policies that are being forced upon us by the wayward politicians in Washington, D.C.

But we need your help today to advance these critical efforts today.

Thank you for standing with us today. Time is short. Be sure to give your tax-deductible gift for 2013 before December 31st.

Now is our time to act. Make your voice heard today!”

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