Thursday, February 20, 2014

Election Year Pivot, Mark Warner Now Concerned About Medicare Advantage Cuts He Repeatedly Supported

The following release is from Garren Shipley With the RPV:

"In yet another desperate and hypocritical election year-move to distance himself from Obamacare and deceive Virginians, Mark Warner recently co-signed a letter with other fellow vulnerable Senate Democrats blaming the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid for cuts to Medicare Advantage that are mandated by Obamacare:

"We write to raise serious concerns about the Medicare Advantage (MA) 2015 rate notice and the impact further cuts may have on the millions of individuals enrolled in the program. We are strongly committed to preserving the high quality health plan choices and benefits that our constituents receive through the MA program. Given the impact that payment policies could have on our constituents, we ask that you prioritize beneficiaries' experience and minimize disruption in maintaining payment levels for 2015."

Warner is essentially admitting that Medicare Advantage payment levels are being reduced thanks to Obamacare's $200 billion in cuts to the program over the next 10 years - cuts that Warner supported on multiple occasions. Warner had two opportunities to stop the gutting of Medicare Advantage, but he voted to keep the cuts, and voted to pass ObamaCare, which contains the cuts.

"This is more election-year hypocrisy from Mark Warner, who voted to raid Medicare Advantage by $200 billion and cut benefits for seniors to pay for Obamacare," said RPV spokesperson Garren Shipley. "The letter is another example of Warner's willingness to deliberately deceive Virginians and his refusal to take any responsibility for his record. Mark Warner promised that he would be a 'radical centrist' but instead of standing up for Virginia's seniors, he's towed the party line 97 percent of the time at their expense."

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