Wednesday, February 5, 2014

McAuliffe Leading From Behind?

Well, the word from Capitol Square is that the new Governor, Terry McAuliffe, has taken a page out of the Obama governing playbook, that is he seems to be adopting the strategy, of "Leading from behind." According to many I have spoken with he is disengaged from legislation, seeming to show no interest. Perhaps he is just waiting to see what passes and doesn't want to go out on a limb.

Check out Brian Coy's response to this Washington Post story, in which GOP leadership points out that Governor McAuliffe has been a bit hands off in his approach to governing.

Speaker of the House Bill Howell:
“There’s been absolutely no input. I was just talking to my committee chairs about — ‘Has there been much interaction from the different agencies, executive branch agencies, on any of the legislation coming through?’ And there’s no one there [in committee meetings], or they’re there and don’t comment.”

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