Thursday, February 27, 2014

What a Difference a Letter Can Make!

Well, one word has gotten the entire Richmond Republican establishment up and arms. Several legislators, the House Speaker, the state Party Chairman are all demanding a resignation!

It seems in an online debate about the candidacy of Barbara Comstock, GOP state party treasurer, and long time friend of mine, Bob FitzSimmonds referred to a woman he disagreed with as a "twat", when he meant to say "twit". Bob claimed he thought twat, derived from twaddle, meant a twit.

Once the meaning of the word was brought to FitzSimmonds attention he apologized and deleted the comment. Having known Bob for nearly 20 years I conscientiously believe that he didn't know that the word was slang for a women's genitalia.

But Bob apologized and deleted the remark. That should have been the end of it right? Well, no siree Bob, the GOP establishment cried resignation faster than you can say "War on Women." Very sensitive of them. They needed a pound of flesh, so Bob has to go.

I miss the days when we debated issues, and allowed people to make mistakes.


Jeanine Martin said...

They want him off state central, along with all the grassroots supporters. That's the real goal, to purge state central of those who support conventions and grassroots having any say in the party. It's all about their power, and taking any power away from us.

Joan said...

Refreshing. Thank you for this post. I think Bob is being thrown under the proverbial bus for making a mistake.