Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Don't Slate Me Bro

There is a troubling trend taking place in GOP conventions, and that is the process of slating delegates in an attempt to dilute the size of another faction. But some good news the Hampton GOP did not slate. As Harry Holt reported on Facebook:

"There was a good GOP Mass Meeting in Hampton last night. All delegates allowed to go on to their District Convention. No slating! Thank you Hampton Republicans for doing the right thing and acting as Party builders, not party destroyers.

Virginia Republicans - let's keep this up. No more slating. No more party destruction. No more power-plays for the sake of building power. Let's build this party, not tear it down.

And what comes around goes around. The more destruction committed this year, brings a kick-back in future years. Remember that 2016 is right around the corner.

I'd rather be electing a Republican President in 2016 than fighting over the aftermath of a destroyed, and slated party apparatus from 2014."

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