Thursday, April 17, 2014

Oh, Yes, the Metro

I have always believed that the Washington Metro Transit system is one of the biggest boondoggles in the history of the United states. The waste, inefficiency, and probably corruption, would shock the public, if they ever found out. No worries, I don't think the Washington media will do any investigating. But just look around next time you take the Metro. Everyday, at every metro stop, you will find at least one set of escalators not working. Heck, they have been 'fixing' the escalators for the last 30 years! Millions of dollars to build the escalators, and millions to fix them. My haunch is it is just one small part of the scam that is the Washington Metro system.

Anyway State Senator Mark Obenshain has a great editorial on the metro.
"Last week, the contractor for the first phase of the Silver Line Metro extension certified that Phase One was complete -- the second time such a certification had been made, and seven months after the project's target date. Whether Phase One is really complete this time is anyone's guess.

Two years ago, I carried legislation banning future state-funded union-only projects here in Virginia. At the time, opponents of the legislation crowed about the "exemplary track record" of contractors operating under project labor agreements in delivering those projects "on time and under budget."

Please take a moment to read my op-ed on this issue in Friday's Washington Times. With a new Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry plucked from the Virginia AFL-CIO, and 40% of McAuliffe's PAC funding coming from one labor union, it's clear that if we’re going to continue to enjoy the economic benefits of right-to-work, vigilance is the order of the day."

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