Friday, May 16, 2014

Calling John Edwards

Well, not the John Edwards you are probably thinking of, rather the state senate version, who is the Chairman of the senate rules committee. Well, back in his district it turns out a significant number of Roanoke area residents are angry that a budget has not been completed, and are calling Edwards to complain. What has been Edwards response? Callers have told the Republican Party of Virginia that Edwards office is denying that he has the power to call the Senate back into session.

However, the language of SR 502 is plain:

RESOLVED FURTHER, That, after the special session is convened for the first time, it may stand in recess from time to time until reconvened by the call of the Chair of the Senate Committee on Rules to consider such matters as are provided for in this resolution.
And it seems Edwards staffers are telling callers that the House budget bill, which is sitting in committee, is actually in conference. If that's true, it's a gross misstatement of fact. As you all know, Terry McAuliffe's Democrat-controlled Senate has failed to act on the budget.

I know most members of the House GOP caucus would be THRILLED to get the Senate to put their budget into conference. In point of fact, it just hasn't happened. Which is why Delegates want the Senate to come back to Richmond.

In a nutshell John Edwards is telling constituents he can't bring the Senate back into session, even though he can. And he's telling them the House budget is in conference, which it isn't.

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