Monday, June 2, 2014

Senator Black Urges Governor McAuliffe To Pass A Clean Budget

The following is a post by State Senator Richard Black:

"The budget expires on July 1, 2014. After that, there is no lawful authority for Virginia to pay for anything other than public safety functions, such as State Troopers. With a government shutdown looming, Senator Black urged Governor McAuliffe to avoid a budget shut-down: "The House and Senate would have passed a budget during the normal session, had it not been for McAuliffe's obsession with imposing Obamacare on Virginians. The Governor inserted Medicaid expansion in the budget, thereby freezing the entire process the state uses to fund schools, law enforcement, healthcare, and other functions."

Most local governments, including Loudoun and Prince William Counties, have sent resolutions to the Governor, urging him to pass a clean budget and to deal with Medicaid expansion at a later time. Despite the fact that Democrat and Republican legal authorities have uniformly agreed that you cannot fund the government without a budget, Governor McAuliffe hopes to do just that. Attorney General Mark Herring, who has shown a willingness to bend the law when necessary, has hired special legal counsel, for $500 per hour, in an apparent attempt to circumvent the Virginia Constitution. "Governor McAuliffe says he can run the government without a budget," said Senator Black. "That may work in Washington, but we respect the law here in Virginia."

Polls show that most Virginians oppose Medicaid expansion. "When he ran for Governor, Terry McAuliffe promised he would not shut down the government," said Black. "Now, he's reneging on his promise."

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