Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mark Warner on the Ropes?

The following is a guest post from my friend Tom O'Connor:

“We’ve got Mark Warner on the ropes. His campaign is scared. How can we tell? Ed just saw their latest ad attacking us -- it’s a sign of desperation from Warner's campaign. And Senator Warner’s attacks on Ed are nothing compared to his attacks on Virginians, like:

1. Warner put the democrat party and his own slavish following of Obama ahead of us citizens and voters. He voted with Obama 97% of the time and consistently voted the dem party line when even his fellow Democrat, then-Senator Jim Webb voted in the best interests of Virginia.

2. Warner worked for Obama helping to pass Obamacare and eventually voted for Obamacare, which means hundreds of thousands of Virginians are losing the health insurance they like and losing access to the doctors they choose; and generally paying more with Obamacare to get less

3. He Played politics with a lifetime appointment to the federal bench in order to help his democrat party impose Obamacare on Virginia.

The ad Warner is running now is the ad a campaign in danger of losing runs when they don’t have anything else to say. The Warner campaign has already outspent our campaign by at least 3 to 1 -- and it hasn’t worked!

That’s because we’ve outworked them! Will you help us continue to spread the word by inviting your friends on Facebook to become a part of our campaign.”

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