Thursday, November 20, 2014

Governor Jim Gilmore: Executive Action on Immigration Ignores Rule of Law

Governor Jim Gilmore today released the following statement ahead of President Obama’s announcement of his executive action regarding immigration:

“The President’s actions tonight represent a pattern of ignoring the rule of law, and I call on the newly-elected Congress to hold him accountable for his actions.”
“When the President said he did not have the authority to act alone on fixing our broken immigration system, he was right. Granting amnesty to millions of undocumented migrants, living in the United States illegally, is a misguided attempt to circumvent the Constitution and an overwhelming majority of Americans who believe the President does not have the authority to go it alone on immigration reform.”
“Both Democrats and Republicans believe the United States should be a welcoming country to law-abiding persons of all national origins and ethnic backgrounds – and that common sense reforms to our immigration system must secure the border and improve current law – but instead of seizing a post-election opportunity to work with the newly-elected Congress, President Obama’s executive actions make it clear that he has no interest in working with Congress.”

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