Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Liberals Are Now in Firm Control Of the Supreme Court, I blame Sean Hannity

Based on the last two decisions it is clear that the Supreme Court is now reliably liberal. I for one blame Sean Hannity, Well, at least in part.

The Republican Party was in effect dead from 2006, when Democrats took over the House and Senate until 2010 when they retook the House. During this period Democrats took the White House and were able to nominate two liberals to the Supreme Court.

When a medical examiner completes an autopsy there is only one cause of death. Sure the victim might have had lots of things wrong with him, but there is only one cause of death. For the Republican Party it was Iraq. The unpopular war brought down the Bush administration and gave us Democrat majorities in the House and Senate.

Some background, people who were not conservatives pushed the Iraq war. The proponents were neo-conservatives. They were old Scoop Jackson Democrats. They had become disillusioned with the Democrat Party and wanted a more muscular and activist foreign policy. They were still liberals on social issues, they just wanted a stronger more agressive military. In 1980 they turned to Ronald Reagan. By the 1990’s they were obsessed with the thought of getting rid of Saddam Hussein, and building a Democratic Iraq. They believed the spread of Democracy would bring about Woodrow Wilson’s dream of world peace and stability through Democracy. All that was required was a US military invasion, and taxpayer money to rebuild the country.

Now in selling the war they enlisted Sean Hannity, the Fox News and radio host radio host whom claimed to be a Reagan conservative, so he might be able to give the neo-conservatives some cover.

Certainly he never believed that the US military should overthrow and rebuild a foreign government. But that didn’t stop Hannity from claiming Reagan would have backed such a land war in the middle east.

An example, in the closing years of the Reagan Administration there was a proposal to send US troops into Panama to overthrow dictator Manuel Noriega. Reagan vetoed the idea. He didn’t support using the military to overthrow a government. And certainly he would never believed in the nation building fantasies of the neo conservatives.

Now there is the example of the 1983 invasion of Grenada, but that had nothing to do with nation building, rather that was about enforcing the Monroe Doctrine.

Hannity always would rail against ‘RINOS’ (which stands for Republicans in name only),but Sean Hannity is the ultimate RINO. He backed the Iraq war because a Republican President wanted it. Making it worse Hannity claimed Reagan would have done the same.

Sadly, Republicans in Washington went along. We now have Barack Obama and a solidly liberal Supreme Court. Thanks Sean!

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