Saturday, July 11, 2015

McDonnell Vows To Fight On

The following is a release from former Governor Bob McDonnell's defense team:

"The road to justice has many twists and turns. This morning, Bob McDonnell's fight for justice hit a speed bump, however the mission for vindication for Bob will go on with passion and grace.

The decision today is not the end of the road. While, a panel of the 4th Circuit affirmed the District Court decision, the full 4th Circuit has yet to review our pleadings, and if necessary we will bring Bob's case to the highest court in the land.

Bob's attorney's are pushing forward to ensure a full hearing of all the facts in the coming weeks and months. We need your support to put forth the strongest effort.

In a statement his attorneys wrote:

"We are disappointed with the Court's decision affirming Governor McDonnell's convictions. We will review the opinion carefully and continue to pursue all legal options. The fight for justice for our client is far from over.

It is by the grace of God and belief in our justice system that gives Bob hope and maintains his innocence, today he said:

"I am greatly disappointed with the Court's decision today. During my nearly 40 years of public service, I have never violated my oath of office nor disregarded the law. I remain highly confident in the justice system and the grace of our God that full vindication will come in time. I remain very blessed to have the unwavering support of my family and great friends which continues to sustain me."

There hasn't been a more critical time to show our support of Bob. We urgently ask that as supporters you give to support the legal defense of a great Virginia governor.

Bob's legal team is committed to seeing justice if served and that Bob is vindicated, however the costs are significant and we want to ensure we have the best opportunity to fight for Bob's innocence."

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God bless,

Friends of Bob McDonnell

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