Wednesday, September 23, 2015

5 Reasons I support Jim Gilmore for President

Last night I was having dinner in Tyson’s Corner with family and before the first course arrived I was asked who I was supporting for President. I said former Virginia Governor James Gilmore and I gave 5 reasons.

1) Former Prosecutor. I hate to say it, but with all the scandals taking place in the executive branch I think a former Henrico county prosecutor is what is needed in Washington. Two examples, the IRS targeting conservative groups in an effort to play politics, and recent revelations that the former Secretary of State was in effect using a Yahoo account to communicate with world leaders etc.

When pressed for the servers, after years of delay, the IRS claimed they crashed, oh, and they then for good measure destroyed them. I guarantee you in a Gilmore administration the “We destroyed the server” defense won’t work. I believe Gilmore will run a tight ship, and lawless behavior in the executive branch will end.

2) Jobs and the economy, growth code. As President of the Free Congress Foundation Gilmore has spent nearly a decade developing tax and regulatory policies to get the economy growing. No other candidate has developed such a well thought out economic program. Gilmore’s policies of a simpler tax code and less regulation is the right direction for our country.

3) National security. Our next President must be ready on day one to keep our country safe. As a former army intelligence officer and chairman of the 911 commission Gilmore understands the threats facing this country as no one else. As President he will understand how our intelligence services work and when briefed he will be able to ask informed nuanced questions. One of Donald Trump's chief apologists Michael Savage claimed last week that while Trump may not have all the answers he will surround himself with good people and get the right answers. I don't agree, you need to have a basic understanding of the subject to know what questions to ask.

4) Electorally strong I subscribe to the theory that Barack Obama won in 2008 because he was in effect the unBush. After 8 years of George W. Bush the American people wanted the opposite. Well, I think Jim Gilmore is the unObama. I believe the serious, and forward-looking Gilmore can appeal to all sections of America. Americans are tired of celebrity and I believe would take well to the substantive Gilmore.

Now there are those who will point to his huge loss in 2008 for the US Senate to Mark Warner as a reason not to support him. But I would point out that 2008 was an historically bad year for Republicans. No Republican would have beaten Warner that year. When he ran for Attorney General and then for Governor he carried all parts of Virginia. I think as the GOP nominee he would be competitive in every region of the country.

5) Executive experience, party leader. The President not only is the head of state he is also the titular head of his political party. Gilmore has the background and the intellectual firepower and temperament to lead the country and the Republican Party. The nation is sharply divided. I think of all the candidates for President Gilmore is the one most able to bring our party and nation together. After 8 years of Obama, I think the White House could do well with less Hollywood and more Richmond.

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