Tuesday, November 3, 2015

VA GOP Holds State Senate and Maintains Majority in House

The following is a release from the Republican Party of Virginia:

"Despite an onslaught from out-of state liberal groups and allies of Hillary Clinton and Gov. McAuliffe, the voters of Virginia have turned to the Republican Party of Virginia to lead the Commonwealth as the GOP retained the majority in the State Senate and an overwhelming majority in the House of Delegates.

"Tonight's results reflect a major turning point for Virginia Republicans," said Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) Chairman John Whitbeck. "After years of struggling with infighting, the Party is once again united behind the common goal of electing Republicans at every level of government."

Whitbeck continued, "Virginia voters have sent a clear message that all the outside money in the world can't save a Democratic Party that's wrong on the issues. Unlike Democrats, our candidates campaigned on the issues Virginia voters care most about: transportation, jobs and the economy.

In one of the most watched Senate races of the night, voters in Senate District 10 turned back over a million dollars of outside money from Michael Bloomberg and others to elect Glen Sturtevant over Dan Gecker.

"You could feel the momentum building for months," said Whitbeck. "Our efforts began early this year by recruiting tremendous candidates who looked like Virginia and in turn they developed excellent campaigns that built a strong grassroots effort. This election is a clear repudiation of Governor McAuliffe and his out-of-state supporters like Michael Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton."

Virginia's State Senate remains firm at 21-19 and the House of Delegates majority remains overwhelming.

"With today's election result, it is clear that Republicans in Virginia have all the momentum and this bodes extremely well for 2016 and beyond. Congratulations to all our victorious candidates, the House and Senate leadership and most importantly to all our voters across the Commonwealth today."

"The Republican Party of Virginia comeback in the Commonwealth of Virginia is underway."

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