Friday, February 19, 2016

Earle Williams Redux

The Cruz campaign released today a list of Donald Trump’s campaign contributions to Democrats. If you read through it you may conclude, as I have, that Trump really is a Democrat, or a RINO at best. Ideologically Trump is somewhere between Eric Cantor and 3rd District Congressman Bobby Scott.

And even you Trump supporters have to admit it is not common, in fact I’d say there is no parallel, where someone is running as a Republican and we find out that he gave over 100K to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

However, on the state level I can think of one case fairly similar. In 1992 a Republican businessman named Earle Williams was running for Governor of Virginia. He gave several thousand dollars to various Virginia Democrats.

Now in that race I was backing George Allen and I remember that the donation flap dogged Williams. He was asked numerous times to explain why he gave to Democrat state senators like Hunter Andrews and Emily Miller. I must say on the issue I had some sympathy for Williams. You see as treasurer of the George Mason College Republicans I knew Williams had contributed generously to our club!

I was at a town hall meeting in Fairfax and he was asked why he gave money to liberal Democrats and his answer kind of surprised me.

He didn’t take the I had to give to both sides because I am a businessman line. Simply put he pleaded ignorance. Williams said he had no idea that they had such liberal voting records until after he gave the money.

I think it is plausible. After all, most Virginians can’t name their state senator let alone tell you how they vote.

Can Trump say he didn’t know Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were liberals? I doubt it.

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