Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What Would Lincoln Do?

The politically corrects latest jihad in Virginia is their attempt to change the name of JEB Stuart High School. The school is located across the street from where Stuart was promoted to General in Falls Church.

A couple weeks ago there was a town hall meeting to discuss the issue. And I wonder what would Abraham Lincoln say if he were to come down from Heaven and join the meeting. Well, I think I have an idea of his position.

The Cabin John bridge outside Washington was built when Jefferson Davis was Secretary of War under Franklin Pierce. For military reasons Davis believed that the bridge was necessary for troops and supplies to leave and enter Washington. When construction was complete a marker was erected with Jefferson Davis's name on it.

After the south seceded his name was chiseled off the marker by a Federal bureaucrat. Lincoln later found out that the name of Davis was erased and he expressed his displeasure at the move. In 1908 the Roosevelt administration put the Davis name back on the marker.

Lincoln did not favor removing Jefferson Davis's name being from a bridge. I don't believe he'd favor the removal of JEB Stuart's name from a school.

Lincoln tried to unite our nation. The politically correct do not seek unity and tolerance, rather they seek to vilify and divide.

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