Monday, November 7, 2016

The Case Against Hillary. Vote for Trump

One of my earliest and most indelible memories of Hillary Clinton took place in January of 1998. I was driving into work, it was about 5am, I had a job where I had to be in early. I was driving down the George Washington Parkway. My car radio was tuned into a news station, and the lead story that morning was that Newsweek had a story that the President of the United States had an affair with a 22-year-old intern, and had asked her to lie about it under oath. First Lady Hillary Clinton was going to go on NBC’s Today Show later that morning to offer the White House defense.

Now you would think that before she went on the show she would say to her husband over breakfast, “Honey, I am going on national television and may be asked about the story that you had an affair with a 22-year-old intern and had asked her to lie about it under oath. What should I tell them?”

According to the public record she never asked that basic question, which any spouse would ask. She didn’t ask it because she knew she would have to start lying and covering for him. Lying and covering for Bill was something Hillary had gotten good at in Arkansas.

When she went on the Today show and was asked the obvious question she quickly dodged it, and offered a counter attack. She said, “The great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president."

This was an obvious diversion, she knew, or could have verified that the charges against her husband were true. She knowingly lied. Before the scandal broke she was spreading the lie that Bill was mentoring Monica. How nice, maybe he was helping her with long division.

I don’t think the Clintons ever believed that truth and morality applied to them. They are grifters. They lie naturally. They lie when it is in their interest. For them the ends justify the means. When our embassy in Libya was attacked, Hillary acknowledged in an email to her daughter that it was a terrorist attack. However, to the American people she floated the idea that the attack was in response to a YouTube video, which she believed was an offensive depiction of Islam. From a political standpoint a terrorist attack would be detrimental going into the election. So Hillary thought maybe she could find another explanation. Blame it on a bad video.

Hillary complained that they were broke when they left the White House. Why were they broke? Because of all their legal bills! They had legal bills because of their behavior. They were being investigated for a number of things and needed defense lawyers. A word to the wise when you engage in unethical behavior you need to hire lots of lawyers.

When they left the White House, she and her husband packed a moving truck with White House furniture, china, antiques which did not belong to them. Even petty theft is not beneath them. The Park Service forced them to return the stolen loot.

Now the latest Hillary scandal deals with her use of email. In a nutshell Hillary was given an email by the state department, but she decided to use her husband’s server in the basement of their New York house. When the state department asked for the emails she said she had deleted them. When the justice department asked for the server she said she didn’t know where it was. They found it in a computer shop in New Jersey. It was wiped clean with bleachbit, a software that erases the hard drive.

Well the reason for the private server was to keep secret what the Clinton’s were doing with their foundation. The Associated Press reported that over half of Hillary’s discretionary meetings as secretary of state was with foundation donors!

The Clinton's are worth 30 to 40 million dollars. How did they make that money? Influence peddling.

Now many will say Hillary has a long resume and lots of experience. I agree she has spent a lot of time in Washington, but her record of accomplishment is extremely short for someone who has spent nearly a quarter of a century inside the beltway.

In her couple terms in the US Senate she was a reliable liberal vote, which for the media translates to experience. But she never made a mark in the institution. If her term as Secretary of State was simply unsuccessful, we could say well she gave it a shot, and maybe she is better suited for another job. However, her term was worse than unsuccessful, it was disastrous. I can’t think of one example or instance where she persuaded a single world leader to do anything.

Our relations with Russia sunk to cold war levels, Iraq went from a generally stable emerging Democracy to a lawless Islamic state. We had a new friend in Libya, but because of our failure to support him he was otherthrown by a mob.

So, I won’t be voting for Hillary. I will cast my vote for Donald Trump. Trump certainly has his faults, but like Chester A. Arthur he could grow in office. He is smart, a successful businessman, has executive experience, honest albeit brutally honest.

Trump may be what Washington needs.

He will enforce our immigration laws, fight Islamic terror, cut government spending. He will fight for good trade deals, and repeal every one of Obama’s executive orders, many of which are Constitutionally dubious.

On November 8th lets close the chapter on the Clintons. Break with the past and give an outsider, Donald Trump, a chance.

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