Monday, December 12, 2016

CNN is Fake News

The liberals are now claiming that there is a problem with “fake news”. Actually, the only ones that I have ever known to propagate stories that are false, or what we call fake news, are liberals. Some examples of their fake news include, but not limited to, Anthropogenic global warming, the cops are racists, Islam is the religion of peace, illegal aliens don’t cost taxpayers money, college education can be made free, increasing the minimum wage does not cost jobs, government spending is good for the economy, green energy etc… And their latest Vladimir Putin caused Hillary to lose Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

And it is especially galling when I hear news readers on CNN complain about fake news. Now that Dan Rather is retired CNN is the biggest propagator of fake news in the country.

Now I will admit that I only watched a total of about 20 minutes of CNN during the campaign, but in those 20 minutes I was exposed to 3 fake stories:

1) George H.W. Bush’s vote. Well, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, a Hillary supporter was at an event, for a charitable foundation. Former President George H.W. Bush was in attendance. Townsend stood in the rope line to shake hands with Bush. She was wearing a Hillary button, and when she exchanged words with Bush, he, according to her, mumbled, “I will vote for her.” Now, whether he said that just to be polite, or he was serious we can’t know, but safe to say he thought it was off the record. Townsend then went to her Facebook page and posted that the former Republican President was voting for Hillary. From there CNN decided this was a news story. Isn't it interesting that producers at CNN check Townsend's facebook page for "news".

Never mind that Bush thought it was off the record, never mind that Townsend was a Hillary supporter and may have heard what she wanted to hear. Did they consider the possibility that she made it up? No, they thought this would help Hillary. It is a fake story for a couple reasons. He did not endorse Hillary. He did not encourage anyone to vote for her. If he wants to privately vote for a candidate that is his choice, but that is not a news story because he did not publicly back her.

2) Obama believes Trump to be unqualified. I was at the barber shop getting my haircut when I was exposed to this one. CNN was reporting that their source inside the White House claimed that Obama felt Trump was unqualified to be President. Wow, who would have thought that. That is quite a scoop. CNN ran a picture of a smiling Obama with the tag line, “Obama thinks Trump is unqualified.” This is not news, it is a campaign commercial.

3) Trump is a rapist. News reader Alisyn(that is how she spells it) Camerota grilled a female Trump supporter, yelling, “Trump has been accused of rape.” “You realize, that, right?” Camerota provided no evidence, no names, nothing. Just a smear.

Imagine if I'd watched more than 20 minutes of CNN. I'd have dozens of examples of their fake news.

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