Thursday, March 23, 2017

CNN Continues its War on Journalism

I said many months ago, before President Trump made the charge, that CNN was fake news. The latest example. CNN, led by reporters, or should I say employees or fellow travelers, Pamela Brown, Evan Perez and Simon Prokepecz claim that the FBI is investigating “collusion” between the Putin Government and the Trump campaign.

The narrative that CNN is trying to establish is that the FBI has enough or at least some evidence to warrant an investigation into a Putin-Trump campaign effort. CNN still can't believe Hillary lost fair and square.

CNN cites “Anonymous sources within the agency.” Perhaps the guy in the mail room gave them the scoop. However, despite the crawl saying “Breaking News” there is no news, and in fact it is nothing more than yellow journalism.

I suspect this is another dirty trick from CNN. Use anonymous sources to advance a story. However, even if you believe that CNN has legitimate sources the report makes it clear that they have no evidence of any collusion.

From the report:

“The FBI is now reviewing information, which includes human intelligence, travel and phone records and in person meetings according to US Officials. The information is raising suspicions of FBI counter intelligence investigators that coordination may have taken place, though the officials cautioned that the information was not conclusive…”

I have put italics on all the qualifiers. Imagine if at work you walked by the water cooler, and you heard two co-workers speculating that another co worker was having an affair.

And in two sentences you heard the words, "suspicions", "may", and "not conclusive". You would immediately conclude that the workers were engaging in idle gossip, wasting time and smearing a fellow employee.

Well, what you might call idle gossip, wasting time and smearing CNN calls "Breaking news."

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