Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Soros Sets His Sights on The Thomas Jefferson Institute

Franklin Roosevelt once said, "I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.” His point was that he was so effective that he had developed some potent enemies, enemies that an ineffective President would not have developed.

The Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy is the premier conservative think tank in Virginia. A few years ago when the left tried to expand the welfare program Medicaid to 140 percent of the poverty rate, the Jefferson institute almost single handily put a stop to it. And there are lots of other examples though the years of the effectiveness of the Jefferson Institute. Their reports and studies are read by policy makers all across Virginia.

Now the left's great dream was and still is to expand Medicaid in every state. Expanding welfare is the ultimate way to grow government, redistribute wealth, and raise taxes on future generations. In Virginia nearly 20 percent of the budget is already dedicated to Medicaid. And that is without expansion under the ACA. If Virginia expanded Medicaid like George Soros and the left wanted we would be looking at Maryland style taxes in several years.

I am speculating here but I think Soros took note of the Jefferson Institute during that campaign and has not forgotten. If Soros has an enemies list no doubt the Jefferson Institute made the list.

There is evidence that through his "Center for Media and Democracy", a funny name in an Orwellian sort of way, Soros is sending people into Jefferson Institute events to record speakers remarks, in search of a gaffe, or comment which can be twisted and taken out of context to smear the Institute.

The Jefferson Institute is fighting to keep Virginia a low tax, business friendly state. George Soros and his gang want to remake our state in the image of Maryland. A high tax big government state. A state where you are charged for bags at the grocery store, and can be pulled over for the crime of not wearing a seat belt. A state that taxes rainy days. And perhaps one day a tax on sunny days.

If we use the Franklin Roosevelt standard of judging groups by their enemies than the Jefferson Institute is doing a great job.

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