Monday, October 23, 2017

Bob Marshall for Delegate

A few years ago I became a resident of Prince William County, and one of the great things about living where I do in the county is that I get the pleasure of voting for Bob Marshall. Bob is a great Delegate, a great Virginian, and he has meant a lot to Prince William county over his long distinguished career.

Even if you live outside of Prince William county I believe that all of us Virginians on the right, from moderate or establishment Republican and libertarians to social conservatives need Bob in the House of Delegates.

The culture war, whether we want to admit it or not, is real. And we conservatives are losing it big time. Virginia Democrats, and their leftist allies, have a radical agenda which includes a push to change our schools’ names, change school mascots, rename our streets, remove statues of prominent Virginians, decide school’s bathroom policies, enshrine sanctuary cities...etc.

Now in this fight against the radical left’s agenda who is going to fight harder in Richmond then Bob Marshall? Bob is the most courageous member of the House of Delegates. Or I guess I should say the most politically incorrect.

He is willing to take the tough stand. He doesn’t care what the Washington Post and the other opinion bullies of Virginia have to say. Bob is an old school committed conservative.

Bob got in trouble a few years ago when he said that marriage is between a man and a woman. He may claim next, if he hasn't already, that Boys should use the Boy’s room and Girls should use the Girl’s room. I read the other day that New York city claims that there are 31 genders. Well, I am quite sure Bob will disagree. In addition, Bob has taken a tough stand on illegal immigration.

Bob has taken fire for his blunt statements, but it is precisely because of those politically incorrect statements that we should send him back to Richmond. Shouldn’t we have at least one Delegate who will take a stand? Must all of our Delegates be politically correct wussies? Must everyone in Richmond aspire to be liked by College professors and Washington Post reporters.

Now I know some of you on the right, especially you moderate or as we used to call country club Republicans, may say that Bob is a little too conservative for your tastes. Well, I would say this in response, isn’t it good to have Bob in Richmond offering some push back against the politically correct.

You may not agree with Bob on a number of issues, but isn’t it important that we aggressively challenge the left on everything. Bob won’t concede an inch to the lefties.

Virginia is at stake this election. We need a courageous fighter and a committed conservative. We need Bob Marshall.

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