Sunday, March 4, 2018

Virginia Democrats Throw One of Virginia's Greatest Sons Under the Bus

Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson are thought to be the founders of the Democratic Party. And for years Democrat state parties held fundraising dinners, called "Jefferson-Jackson day dinners." They were proud that those two men called themselves Democrats.

But Marxism is a funny thing. It seeks to rewrite, and consciously ignore the context of history. Yes, we had slavery in America and it ended in 1865. It ended by blood and the inspiring words of men like Thomas Jefferson. By contrast I read the other day that slavery didn't end in Saudi Arabia until 1962.

Like the mindless sheep they lead, the Virginia Democrat party has decided to go along with other Democrat state parties and drop the name "Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner."

Democrats all across the country have renamed their dinners, I wouldn't be surprised if they use such orwellian sounding labels, like the "Peoples Day Dinner", or the "Bella Abzug Dinner". Maybe one day the "Collin Kapernick(sp?) dinner."

Well, here in Virginia we have always taken pride in one of our greatest sons, Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was the author of one of the greatest documents that was ever produced. A document, the Declaration of Independence, which set up the American government. Most of the bill of rights came, in some cases word for word from Jefferson's Declaration.

Despite being a slave holder, civil rights leaders took inspiration from Jefferson's writings. Martin Luther King quoted Jefferson.

Virginians, even Democrats, should take pride that Jefferson was a son of Virginia. But Democrats are not proud to call him one of theirs. In fact they find even his name unappetizing. They don't even want his name associated with their dinner.

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