Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Governor McDonnell Renews His Call to Privatize Virginia's ABC Stores

In his State of the Commonwealth address Governor Bob McDonnell renewed his call to privatize Virginia's ABC stores:

"Our ABC stores are very clean and efficient. But selling bourbon and gin is not a core function of government. I am proposing a plan to privatize the retail sales of distilled spirits, like we've done for beer, and then wine, for 76 years, and like 32 other states already do. It will generate $300 million for transportation up front, with no annual loss of general fund revenue."

This came in the middle of his speech, and as you can see it was just one paragraph.  I have been thinking for weeks now that he might hold off this battle until next year, when hopefully Republicans have retaken the State Senate.  But it looks like the Governor is going to move full speed ahead with privatization this session.

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