Thursday, January 13, 2011

Marchi Announces Departure as AFP Virginia Director

Virginia State Director Ben Marchi announced today that he will be departing Americans for Prosperity Foundation, effective March 1, 2011.  He has served in his post since December 2007. Marchi and his wife are purchasing a business related to the health care industry.
“For over three years, Ben Marchi has successfully led our efforts in Virginia to rein in the size of government, cut taxes and promote free market policies,” said Tim Phillips, national President of Americans for Prosperity.  Phillips continued, “Americans for Prosperity is thankful for all he’s done and we will miss his hard work and upbeat spirit.  After crisscrossing Virginia with Ben on bus tours opposing the health care takeover and cap-and-trade energy tax and numerous other issues, I know firsthand just how dedicated and passionate he is about grassroots organizing and he’s been a key in helping build a strong, vibrant grassroots organization standing for economic freedom across the Commonwealth.”
“This isn’t just a job I’m leaving; it’s a passion and a way of life.” Marchi said. “Working with our board members, our national President Tim Phillips, and our wonderful members these last three years has been the most rewarding and memorable experience of my professional life.”

Ben has led efforts for greater government transparency; fought tax increases, and runaway spending, no doubt we will hear from him again soon.

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