Thursday, September 11, 2008

Palin Power Comes To Fairfax

As most people know I am not a morning person, so for me to get up, and out of the house by 6 am is quite a chore. But I was determined to show my support for the GOP ticket, and mostly I wanted to see the woman that Hollywood liberal Matt Damon described as 'terrifying'.

The size of the rally proves that Palin is a rising star of Obama’s magnitude, except unlike him she has actually run something. It is easy to see why conservatives love her, she is smart, articulate, beautiful, politically incorrect, and tough. As beautiful as a supermodel and yet tough enough to kick the crap out of Vladamir Putin. And unlike a supermodel she could tell you the difference between monetary and fiscal policy.

Originally, the rally was supposed to take place yesterday at Fairfax High School, but was moved to a park nearby. The liberals in charge of our school system cited a rule that prohibits politicians from holding rallies on Fairfax school property. But apparently that rule does not apply to Democrat candidates. They did allow Barack Obama to speak at Robinson Intermediate School on July 10th during summer school sessions.

No matter, the crowd was too big for the High School gym. I arrived at the park at 7 am and stood in line with thousands of others until the gates opened. I chatted with people in line about our chances in November while the line grew and grew. People seemed to be coming from every direction. It has been estimated that the population of the rally was greater then the population of Fairfax city, with over 20,000 people in attendance. McCain and Palin took the stage at 11:15. It was worth the wait, and sunburn.

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