Thursday, October 16, 2008

GOP Congressional Candidates should forget McCain and run against absolute Democrat Power.

This November looks to be the worst election night the GOP has had since 1974. That year they lost 48 seats in the House. This year the Democrats are poised to take back the White House, gain 10-20 seats in the House, and possibly reach the filibuster proof 60 seats in the Senate.

It is understandable why the American people are angry. They have decided to blame the Republican Party, despite the fact that Democrats control Congress. As angry as they may be at the Republican Party, do they really want absolute Democrat rule? The last time Democrats held both the White House and the Congress was in the early 90’s. That was not a pleasant experience for most Americans. Today the Democrat Congress approval rating is lower than President Bush’s. Do the voters really want to give Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid more power?

One party with total control of the Federal government is not the norm. For most of the last 40 years we have had divided government, and while some complain about gridlock, I think the public likes some gridlock. Republican congressional candidates might want to start talking about the virtues of divided government.

This may be last option for the GOP to stave off disaster. They could explain to their constituents and prospective constituents what total Democrat control of Washington would be like. No check on taxes, no check on the growth of government, imposition of the ‘fairness doctrine’, to silence conservative voices, Hillary health care, amnesty of for illegal aliens, higher gas prices, more liberal judges on the Supreme court, etc.

A Republican congressional candidate should presume Obama is going to win and tell voters, in effect, vote for me to keep a check on the Democrats in Washington. I am not sure this will stop the anti- GOP tidal wave, but it may limit the carnage.

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