Thursday, February 19, 2009

Virginia Smoking Ban Passes.

The Virginia General Assembly approved a smoking ban which will take place on Dec.1.

The Virginia Senate approved the ban on Thursday morning, and just a couple hours later the House voted it through 60 to 39 without debate. Many of us expected the more conservative house to kill the bill. However with elections coming up House moderates, especially in Northern Virginia and Tidewater, didn't want to oppose such a popular measure.

According to the Washington Post:

"Their ban covers most restaurants and bars, but permits smoking in private clubs and in establishments that construct separately ventilated enclosed smoking rooms for patrons. Neither the anti-smoking movement nor the tobacco industry was thrilled with the compromise plan."

The golden leaf helped make Virginia a rich and powerful colony, now it is basically forbidden in public. Yes, Bob Dillon -The times they are a changing. If I were a member I probably would have voted no, but the compromise isn't that bad.

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